Beech Briquettes

Wood briquette is suitable for heating all solid fuels for furnaces like boilers, fireplaces etc. Wood briquettes have a low moisture content (approx 10%) bio fuel, which is compressed sawdust and shavings. Wood briquettes are 100% ecological, no glues, no adhesives or other chemicals

Calorific value of 1-st briquettes is equal to 4-5 m³ of dry firewood calorific value. Our briquettes  are Nestro type (cylindrical shape)  mainly made from Oak or Beech.


  • Combustion temperature: 4500 – 4800 K cal/кg
  • Moisture: around 8-10%
  • Ash content: around 0, 8%
  • Mechanical durability: 95%
  • Size: Ø 90 x 270 – 300 mm
  • Packaging: 5-pieces in vacuum (10 kg) packs
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