Beige Pearl

Beige Pearl is a very strong, compact Marble with a high weight per cubic meter, comes from Albania. The color of this marble is a uniform beige. It is suitable for interiors and especially for exteriors thanks to its compactness.


Technical data

General coloring:  Begie

Slab finishing:  Polished, Honed, Leathered, Bush Hammered

Abrasion resistance (mm):  25.5

Water absorption (at atmospheric pressure):  0.11%

Apparent density (KG/M³):  2900-3200

Comprehensive strength (MPA):  N/A

Open porosity:  N/A

Flexural strength (under concentrated load):  0.5% Mpa

Slip resistance polished: Dry: 78 / Wet: 5

Slip resistance honed: Dry: 48 / Wet: 11

Country of origin: Albania